Miteva: SDSM mayoral candidate for Novo Selo Zvonko Angelov pressured and threatened a single mother

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In the municipality of Novo Selo, SDSM mayoral candidate Zvonko Angelov pressured and threatened a single mother. Attacks on women by SDSM are not a novelty in politics. During yesterday, the media published information about this brutal abuse of office by Zvonko Angelov who as an employee of the Center for Social Affairs in Strumica committed this crime. According to our information, he was pressuring and threatening a single mother that he would take her child. The fierce pressure and blackmail took place over several weeks, and the reasons for that are probably the refusal of the victim to use the channels for legal aid that Angelov pointed out to her, VMRO-DPMNE spokeswoman Marija Miteva said at today’s press conference.

She pointed out that during the election campaign we witnessed several attacks on women as mayoral candidates by SDSM.

– Violence, hate speech, sexism and misogyny were used by SDSM. No one in the leadership of SDSM, nor the Women’s Forum, distanced themselves and condemned such a shameful act of behavior. Let’s not forget the shameful showing of elbows by Zaev and again no one from SDSM gathered the courage to apologize. Obviously, they can only take bad examples from Zaev, Miteva said.

The spokesperson pointed out that VMRO-DPMNE encourages women to talk about any kind of violence they face.

– We publicly oppose this way of treating women in politics and say that there is no place for such people in politics after October 31. That is why the citizens of Novo Selo defeated the SDSM candidate in the first round and that is why he will be defeated once again in the second round. The changes in the way of governing in Macedonia are only one step away from all of us, she added.