Kovacki: Zoran Zaev has already lost Skopje, it’s end is more and more obvious

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“It is a fact that most of the membership of the Social Democratic Union and that one intellectual wing that is in the Social Democratic Union and is needed by the Republic of Macedonia and the party itself does not agree with the criminal policies of the current leadership,” said Dragan Kovacki, EC member VMRO-DPMNE in the morning program on Alpha TV.

Kovacki added that Zoran Zaev has already lost Skopje. VMRO-DPMNE is 5: 0 in Skopje in the first round. Zoran Zaev will lose Centar, Karpos will also lose. These are the municipalities where VMRO-DPMNE will win.

“Zoran Zaev will lose the city of Skopje. And the independent candidate Danela Arsovska leads with 8,000 votes before Petre Shilegov. We expect a double victory, which means a double difference in the second round. So yes, he has already lost the city of Skopje and all the municipalities in Skopje. And now there is one thing that he probably knows as a former mayor and I say again he is trying to skillfully avoid it and manipulate the citizens and the public, that if the city of Skopje is lost, it will not work. I think it should be reminded a bit that the municipalities in the city of Skopje and the city of Skopje function in one way, the state, i.e. the central government functions in a slightly different way,” said Kovacki.

Kovacki pointed out that it could not happen that Zaev made obstructions. And if he obstructs, then he is the prime minister. Is Zaev the prime minister only of the Social Democratic Union, to whom is he? So they are our citizens regardless of the structure they come from, whether they come from VMRO-DPMNE, whether they come from the Alliance, etc.

“When we take over the central government at the central level, it does not mean that the municipalities that SDSM has that we will not cooperate with them, the right thing to do are our citizens. The government wins the mandate to lead the government, to do good to the citizens, not only for itself. At the moment, Zoran Zaev is doing exactly that, he sees it only for himself, as if he stays in power, and so he frightens the citizens,” said Kovacki.

Kovacki pointed out that Zoran Zaev knows what will happen when VMRO-DPMNE comes to power, and that is responsibility for all his crimes. The city of Skopje is lost to SDSM, and VMRO-DPMNE should celebrate victory.