Kovacki: The citizens said the new political reality on October 17, the people gave a red card to Zaev which will be confirmed on October 31

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“The citizens said the new political reality on October 17 and they will confirm it on October 31. Practically, the power of Zaev and that team around him is totally delegitimized, they lost in all big municipalities. They lost 5: 0 in Skopje, they will also lose the city of Skopje. Thus, all this shows that all previous policies, i.e. daily politicking that he practiced on a daily basis to confuse the public do not bring him profit, political benefit, “said Dragan Kovacki, member of the VMRO-DPMNE EC in the morning program on Alpha TV.

Kovacki added that on the other hand it turned out that the program of VMRO-DPMNE and the concept “Macedonia for everybody” is acceptable, understood by the citizens and that is why those same citizens gave their support to the elections.

“The fact is that we won an absolute victory in the first round. And the same will happen in the second round. So 22 municipalities, the largest municipalities were practically won by VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition for “Reconstruction of Macedonia”. I expect that in the second round we will also get mayors and in Bitola Mr. Toni Konjanovski will win there, in Ohrid Kiril Pecakov, so those victories are indisputable, and we are counting on those victories. We are counting on the smaller places, also here are Probistip, Pehchevo, Kamenica, to get them and so we expect victory in the second round practically everywhere and support from the citizens,” said Kovacki.

Kovacki pointed out that the government can not reconcile with the results of the first round of local elections.

“The government will not accept these numbers, results, they are looking for ways to relativize them, but you can not relativize something that is measurable. So numbers are an indicator and you can not relativize those things. The government does not accept those results and explains that this is how many times Mr. Zaev says that the people gave him a yellow card. For the third – fourth time the people give him a yellow card, see in one match two yellow cards are given. Here to speak with another dictionary. So how many times does he expect him to receive a yellow card?” Kovacki asked.

Kovacki said that the people gave a red card to Zaev and that red card will be confirmed on October 31. What follows after the second round of elections, the government is already aware of what awaits it, and awaits the fall of the central government and the coming to power of VMRO-DPMNE, which follows the profound changes that the people are waiting for and seeking. Also after the coming to power of VMRO-DPMNE comes responsibility, all criminals from SDSM have to answer before the law.