Jakimovski: Parking in Karpos will remain free, we will make multi-storey garages

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This morning, Stevce Jakimovski from the ranks of GROM, who enters the second round for mayor of Karposh, had an interview for “Republika”.

My entry into the second round is due to what has been done so far, to the promises made to the citizens and to the vision for Karposh. It is not important to have a big party behind you. The only condition for my opponent is the big party behind him.

However, the municipality does not lead the party but the mayor and the citizens obviously recognize that I led it well, said the candidate for mayor of Karpos Stevce Jakimovski in an interview with “Republika”.

He believes that the difference of about 2000 votes is achievable and that if there were no two candidates from the opposition, he would have won convincingly in the first round. In the second round, he expects the votes of all citizens of Karposh.

– I expect the votes from VMRO-DPMNE, it was publicly announced by the leader Mickoski, I expect support from other parties that are in opposition but also from those citizens who are politically undecided – Jakimovski said.

He says that it is normal for him to know all the streets in the municipality, as well as to always be ready to receive the citizens in his office and to listen to them about the problems they have.

Jakimovski is convinced that the municipality of Karpos will be a record holder in greenery.

-Now we have seven square meters per capita, our goal is 16 square meters. We plan green areas along the quay of Vardar to be arranged with urban equipment with paths, fountains, candelabra to be able to walk at night, playgrounds – Jakimovski enumerates.

Jakimovski is aware that lack of hygiene is a major problem in Karposh.

-Unfortunately it is a severe wound for us. We plan to dig containers, to put the garbage underground. The garbage will be stored underground and a special vehicle will come to collect the candidate for mayor.

Another big problem in Karposh is parking.

– In Karpos 1, the problem is made by the citizens of Centar. I was a big opponent of upgrading the buildings and that with that there will be additional vehicles in front of their buildings but they insist that with the upgrades they got more squares in the apartments. But we can not blame the citizens – says Jakimovski.

He assures that parking in Karpos will remain free and no zone parking will be introduced.

– We will solve the problem with multi-storey garages above ground and underground, only the tenants of those buildings will have a remote so that no one else can enter. The current parking space will be tripled – promises Jakimovski.

He says that because of the road less parking, especially in Leptokaria, no empty shop can be found. Underground parking is also planned for this part.

Jakimovski believes that the municipality will have money to implement all projects.

– Money is never enough, but you should roll up your sleeves and look for income for the municipality. I left the municipality in 2016 with 11 million euros of income, 2017 you have seven and a half million euros, and now it has dropped to five million euros of income. But you can not you play “Canter Strike” and look for income. You can not go around the white world, to the Maldives, every weekend after Thursday to go to Greece in Halkidiki, to go to America for 20 days. The income from God does not fall. I have not gone on vacation for more than 4-5 days in my life – explains Jakimovski.

It also promises to repair the facades of older buildings and make them energy efficient, which will increase the temperature of the citizens’ apartments in the winter.

He does not want to remember the chase against him a few years ago and that he does not feel like a moral winner.

– I do not have triumphalism. If I were born again I would like everything to be the same. The caliber of a man like me is ready to endure everything. They shout go up as far as you are ready to endure your feet down. But let it be forgiven for everyone. A euphoria was created, a distorted image was targeted to target only what may be bad or I made a mistake without saying what I did well.

He says that in 2017 the citizens voted against and here are the mayors we have.

– Disaster. We have mayors who do not leave the cafe. At 8 and 30 in the morning he goes to a cafe and asks for whiskey and drinks in a cup of coffee so that the citizens do not realize that he has been drinking since the morning – reveals Jakimovski.