Arsovska: Centar will be an example of what a municipality should look like in a European metropolis

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The independent candidate for mayor of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, at Wednesday’s rally said that the changes in Centar are certain, and the municipality of Centar will be an example of what a municipality in a European capital should look like.

Arsovska expressed great support for the candidate for mayor of Centar, Professor Natasa Kotlar, who said that she is a person who will fight against the urban mafia and for a cleaner municipality for all citizens and thanked the people of Centar for their support for a more beautiful city.

Our vision for Centar is for it to be an example that in Skopje we can live in a modern European metropolis, and the changes for the next four years will start from Centar. The difference of 8,000 votes in the first round is clear and is a harbinger of the changes that are coming. In ten days, Centar and Skopje will have new mayors who will be the wind of change, said Arsovska.