Natasa Kotlar maintains pressure on the SDSM favorite in Centar, promises to solve the parking problem in downtown Skopje

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Natasa Kotlar, the opposition candidate for Mayor of Centar, presented a plan of financial incentives to help the citizens of Skopje’s downtown area put back into use about 800 underground parking spaces that are currently out of service – while the city struggles with parking space.

Kotlar did unexpectedly well in the first round of the elections and secured a run-off against her SDSM opponent Goran Gerasimovski who only narrowly won the race in what was expected to be an easy SDSM hold.

From my first day in the office, I will begin working on two large underground parking in Debar Maalo and Prolet for 400 vehicles – the facilities will be covered with lawns and urban equipment. I will put back into use the 800 unused parking spaces, by subsidizing their cleaning, the installation of remote doors and lights, Kotlar said.