Fresh from her first round victory, Danela Arsovska resumed campaigning for Mayor of Skopje

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Skopje mayoral candidate Danela Arsovska resumed campaigning yesterday, after her excellent showing on election day, when she beat incumbent Mayor Petre Silegov by over 7,000 votes and goes into the run-off as the favorite to win the race.

She met with voters in Kisela Voda, which she dominated in the first round, to present her program. One of the key promises is to finally provide a direct link between Kisela Voda and Aerodrom – two large urban municipalities divided by railway tracks and an industrial zone.

I know the problems of Kisela Voda and I will help resolve them. We’ll stop the chaotic development by preparing a detailed spatial plan indicating what can be built and where. Kisela Voda is also one of the sites of the five mega parks I’m proposing. And we will link it to Aerodrom with a bicycle track and a road link, Arsovska said.

A key issue in the race in Kisela Voda, where the local SDSM Mayor Filip Temelkovski lost badly to his VMRO opponent Orce Georgievski, was Temelkovski’s plan to build up to 100 new buildings in a former nursery that is now one of the rare green areas left in this part of the city. Skopje is one of the few remaining major races left for the second round, along with Bitola, Kumanovo, Ohrid, Centar, and Karpos – after VMRO dominated the first round and won ten of the most important races while SDSM only won one.