Culture Minister Stefoska opens an event dedicated to the fight against the Bulgarian occupation in World War Two

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Culture Minister Irena Stefoska opened the event dedicated to the writers, poets, painters, and other artists who were inspired by the partisan movement in the Second World War. At a time when the Zaev regime is preparing the Macedonian public for major concessions to Bulgaria on national identity issues, Stefoska sounded a hard position.

I bow to all the artists who joined the National Liberation Anti-Fascist Struggle, and with that, wrote their pain and anger and joy in the glorious partisan odyssey. I welcome the actors present here from the unique and educational Macedonian film “Shot”, a movie inspired by the true events of the Bulgarian Fascist occupation. To those who couldn’t be here, I wish long life and good health. They are our witnesses, our teachers, Stefoska said, using the term “Bulgarian Fascist occupiers” that Zaev wants to remove from the public discourse.

The Branko Gapo film presents portrays the murder of Bulgarian police official Emanuel Mackov in Skopje.