Zaev’s forecast for victories in 22 municipalities in the first round, a complete fiasco – VMRO-DPMNE won in so many municipalities

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A complete fiasco happened to SDSM yesterday in the first round of local elections in the country.

According to the officially processed results, yesterday VMRO-DPMNE declared victories in almost more than 10 municipalities in the first round, and a convincing lead in more than 10 municipalities.

The leader of VMRO-DPMNE, yesterday through a press conference announced the preliminary results for most cities and municipalities across the country.

Makedonski Brod we have the lead, SDSM will not be in the second round. Aerodrom have a huge advantage, we expect it to be completed in the first round. Kisela Voda we have a convincing lead 2 to 1, we expect Orce to win in the first round. The work in the first round has been completed in Sopishte. Centar and Karposh will have a second round. Darko has finished his work in Butel, it has a new mayor. Cucer Sandevo we go to the second round, Bobi in Gazi Baba finished the work in the first round. Gjorche Petrov have a convincing lead, Aleksandar can pass in the first round.  In Pehchevo we go to the second round as first place, Makedonica Kamenica. Vinica three against one we won. Kocani, we are going to the second round, there is a fight.  In Zrnovce we finished in the first round. We go to Zelenikovo as first place in the second round. Petrovec three to one, remains Mayor Borce. In Ilinden VMRO-DPMNE defeated both SDSM candidates. We go to Cheshinovo-Obleshevo as first place in the second round. Stip we finished the work in the first round. To convey greetings from Viktor, Karbinci has the new mayor in the first round. Also Dejan, Sveti Nikole has a new mayor. Lozovo and Probistip are entering the second round. In Kratovo we failed for 13 votes. In Rankovce we are entering the second round. Veles is a city of VMRO, Marko won. We have a victory in Gradsko. Radovish we enter the second round with a big advantage. We have a new mayor in Bosilovo. We enter Novo Selo and Vasilevo as first place in the second round. In Gevgelija we are very close to the first round. We have the new mayor of Negotino. Demir Kapija we are entering the second round. Kavadarci is with the old-new mayor Mitko Jancev with 10 thousand difference. Rosoman, we are entering the second round. Prilep will be led by Jovcevski, who won in the first round. Mogila and Novaci we have mayors in the first round. Toni in Bitola has a big advantage, and the work will probably be done. Resen we have a second round. The difference in Ohrid is more than 2000 difference, VMRO-DPMNE leads in Kicevo. Mavrovo Rostuse we have a second round, in Demir Hisar, Dime won in Jegunovce. We are entering Brvenica as first place in the second round, said Mickoski.

Contrary to this, SDSM yesterday declared victories in only four municipalities, namely in Strumica, Resen, Butel and Krushevo.

As a reminder to the public, Zoran Zaev at a recent rally said his forecast which is in favor of his party SDSM, while yesterday the party received a complete fiasco.

“I gave one of my forecasts, these are 22 municipalities completed in the first round for SDSM and the Coalition and 6 municipalities of VMRO-DPMNE completed in the first round, and of course in other municipalities where we have a competition, we have 69 candidates for mayors and lists in all We will enter 80 municipalities plus the city of Skopje with a visible advantage,” said Zaev.

These results are more than clear that VMRO-DPMNE will be a convincing winner in almost all municipalities in the country, and until this morning the independent candidate has the lead supported by VMRO-DPMNE with 66,556, compared to 62,727 for Petre Shilegov from 80.29% processed.