The sick, the infirm, prisoners and people infected with the coronavirus will be the first to vote

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The Municipal Election Commissions have accepted the requests of 7921 sick or infirm people to vote in their homes, as well as 476 people in self-isolation or home quarantine due to Kovid – 19, the SEC informed MIA.

Voting for the sick and infirm will be conducted by members of the election boards where they are registered by visiting their homes, while for persons with Covid 19 and in isolation the voting will be conducted by special election boards composed of health professionals.

One day before the official local elections, prisoners, people in nursing homes and internally displaced persons also vote. According to the information from the special excerpts from the Voters’ List, in the penitentiary institutions, 1899 people will vote tomorrow, in the old people’s homes 351, and six internally displaced persons have the right to vote.

For the first time in these elections, devices for biometric identification of voters with fingerprint will be used, but for the people who will vote tomorrow, these devices will not be applied.

They will vote as before using a UV lamp, to check if they voted and a colorless spray, which by checking the UV lamp shows whether the person voted or not.