The election campaign is over, the pre-election SILENCE has started!

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The election silence has started, the election campaign is over!

The last day of the election campaign for the local elections that will be held on Sunday is over. The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services reports that after midnight, ie from the 16th until 19:00 on October 17, the rules for election silence apply.

During the silence, the media continue to report on the election process, but all forms of election media representation of the participants in the election campaign cease.

According to the Electoral Code, the violation of the election silence is the broadcasting of any information, photographs, audio and audiovisual materials related to or in which participants participate in the elections, any forms of media reporting, which are openly or covertly in function of someone’s campaign and may affect the decision of the voters, data revealing the identity of political entities and / or individuals involved in incidents or irregularities on election day, as well as statements by candidates in the election process, representatives of political parties and incumbents in government bodies.

Otherwise, on Sunday, October 17, in the local elections, the citizens of Macedonia will elect their mayors and municipal councilors, who they believe will fulfill the promises they make in the election campaign. The day before, members of the Army, the elderly and infirm, and detainees and prisoners will vote. For Covid-19 positives, self-isolated and isolated individuals, voting will be done with teams of medics. Elections will be conducted with strict protocols to protect against the spread of the coronavirus.