Radev: Respecting the rights of Bulgarians in Macedonia is the beginning for EU accession

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The President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev called for respect for the rights of Bulgarians in the Republic of Macedonia and pointed out that this is the beginning to it’s integration into the European Union.

As MIA correspondent from Sofia reports, Radev also commented on the topic of the destroyed Bulgarian military cemetery in the Republic of Macedonia. He said that the case is being investigated by the Bulgarian Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of defense and stressed that, according to him, it is a systematic process of de-Bulgarianization, a process of reviving the destruction of Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage in Macedonia.

– It is not by chance that I asked this question to the Council in Ljubljana. This is the lobby of the door for the integration of the Republic of Macedonia in the EU – the rights of Bulgarians, non-discrimination, as well as their full integration in the cultural, economic, social and political life of this country. Our support for their demands to be recognized in the Constitution of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, and to be solemnly proclaimed by the President, the Government and the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia is extremely important, added Rumen Radev.

Bulgaria will react categorically, and will not leave any such case, added Radev, according to whom the real problem is the de-Bulgarianization and discrimination of people with Bulgarian identity in the Republic of Macedonia.