Stojkoski: We all bring the changes, circle 7 for a modern, humane and modern Gjorce!

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The changes are brought by all of us, me as a candidate, you as voters, said Aleksandar Stojkoski, candidate for mayor of Gjorce Petrov from VMRO-DPMNE. He pointed out to the residents of the municipality that they are not only part of the voters’ list for him, after which he emphasized that on Sunday, together to bring the changes in Gjorce Petrov, by voting for number 7, for him as a candidate for mayor and councilor list led by Dr. Lence Neloska.

– I had the opportunity to visit you, to see you, to hear and to feel the real problems that you face every day in your lives. I am strongly committed, first of all to be your good friend and then mayor for everyone. In these local elections, I came up with a program that has over 200 projects, which affect all elements of the functioning of the Municipality of Gjorce Petrov. From the communal, infrastructural part, from the part for child care, the part for help to the endangered categories, the part that covers the functioning of the pensioners as our oldest category of citizens, said Stojkoski.

In his address, he indicated that he would not allow himself to go with his head down due to an unrealized project covered in that part.

– The main motive for which I ran in this election is you, my dear people from Gjorce Petrov. From day one, I will work honestly, responsibly and transparently. Part of my team are the candidates for councilors from the council list of VMRO-DPMNE, led by Dr. Lence Neloska. These are our fellow citizens who come from every neighborhood in Gjorce Petrov, who are realistically familiar with your problems and who can offer practical and quick solutions to them. These are people with whom you will have daily communication and will be the main one between you, your problems and the solutions that will come from the municipality of Gjorce Petrov. Circle the number 7, for a modern, beautiful and humane Gjorce, added Stojkoski.