Nikoloski: Creating new jobs is a priority, we will bring at least two investments in Bitola

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The Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski this morning was a guest on the show “Direct” on Bitola TV Terra where he stressed that in the programs of VMRO-DPMNE, specifically for Bitola, the priority is to create new jobs and attract investments that will provide additional employment and then everything another because number one is for people to work, because if there is no work, everything else is secondary to them.

Nikoloski promised that with the victory of Toni Konjanovski and the government led by VMRO-DPMNE in Bitola, at least two more investments will be brought at the level of “Kromberg and Schubert”.

– In Bitola in the last four years we have an announcement for closing, not opening factories and I can give a word to the people of Bitola that with the victory of Toni Konjanovski in these local elections and the Government led by VMRO-DPMNE we will bring at least two more investments at the level of “Kromberg and Schubert” because there is interest, but this government is blocking them, announced Nikoloski.

Nikoloski said that in these four years in Macedonia led by the government of Zoran Zaev, exactly zero investments have come, two and a half, which if seen in time are signed and agreed by the previous government of VMRO-DPMNE and that it is not accidental but that it is a conceptual problem.

– In addition to incompetence, in addition to unemployment, corruption has a conceptual problem here and that is that Zoran Zaev is close to the criminal oligarchy that privatized factories for free in the nineties and there is serious pressure from them not to attract foreign investment because foreign investment raise wages and raise the cost of labor. And those who privatized the factories have no innovation, do not work and try to work and earn with low wages and therefore the pressure on Zaev is not to bring foreign investments that in addition to higher wages, bring work ethic, explained Nikoloski.

He said that unlike the policy of SDSM, theirs is different and that he is convinced that in 4 years after the formation of a government led by VMRO-DPMNE, Bitola will see at least two investments.