Arsovska: For the first 82 days in Skopje I will implement 15 projects, one is the introduction of a 24-hour office in the service of citizens

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In the first 82 days of my term, through the program for modern Skopje with all 15 + 1 projects and my 82 action plan we will clean the illegal landfills in the city. We will change the line schedule of the city traffic where shorter time intervals will be provided for the buses and the extension of the lines to the forgotten places, and regular night lines will be introduced, especially during the weekend. Next is the opening of a telephone line for requests and assistance to citizens. The Green City Council will be established in cooperation with the non-governmental sector. Vodno by initiating a bill will be declared a protected forest park. A 24-hour office service and a quick response service will be introduced for the citizens. The counters of the seconds and the green waves on the traffic lights in the city will be returned to function. Access ramps will be provided for people with disabilities in all city institutions. In cooperation with the Anti-Corruption Commission, we will conduct a vetting process of the directors of public institutions under the city and the heads of departments. Property tax assessment will be revised and adjusted. The establishment of a Council for support of women entrepreneurs is also envisaged. Prices for parking lots under the jurisdiction of the City of Skopje will be reduced by up to 25%. Teams from the city will make an assessment of the situation with the forgotten settlements in the city and an action plan will be prepared for the implementation of projects for these settlements. And this is not just an election promise, this is my obligation to you – the independent candidate for mayor of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, committed herself to the realization of these projects in the first 82 days of her term, at today’s press conference.

She also pointed out that the time for change has come, given the many shortcomings and problems facing Skopje.

– When we see the messy streets, the floods, even in the city center, the dysfunction or in places there is no storm sewerage, hundreds of illegal landfills all over Skopje, the lack of drinking water in parts of the city, we know that it is time for change. As long as young people do not feel happy and do not see their perspective here, we know it is time for change. When you see that they promise you the same things for which they received your support four years ago, but did not realize anything and now again they promise the same things, time for change. And when in the fight against pollution the only thing they did was remove the measuring stations, time for change, said Arsovska.

As an independent candidate, Arsovska said that she is grateful for the support of the DPMNE parties, the Alliance of Albanians, Alternative and all other parties, movements, non-governmental organizations, but most of all she is grateful for the support of the people of Skopje. That is why he called on the citizens on Sunday to be even more united for one goal – modern and modern Skopje.

– I call on all of you who are disappointed with politics, who have never gone to the polls, you who have lost hope, who have voted for the government that disappointed you, to unite, to fight for a modern Skopje and to support me in this battle. We are one step closer to success for Skopje to be no longer politics, but to be a city we will be proud of. On Sunday, you will decide on the future of Skopje, Arsovska sent a message to all citizens of Skopje.

For Arsovska, four years is enough time to assess whether someone knows how to work and fulfill his pre-election promise, and according to her, so far Skopje residents have witnessed only politicking, empty promises, videos and unrealistic 3D animations.

– We, the citizens, deserve a modern, European Skopje, a clean unpolluted city and safe solutions to our problems. We have heard enough empty promises from politicians, we need real projects that will improve life in our city. Our Skopje needs a manager, not a politician. That is why I invite you to vote for me, for number 82, so that we can make a difference in the first round. Most of all, in order to make our city clean, with a functional infrastructure, Skopje that we can all be proud of, Arsovska appealed to all Skopje citizens.