Konjanovski: Energy efficient municipality of Bitola by providing a gas connection to every home

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The candidate for mayor of the Municipality of Bitola from VMRO-DPMNE, Toni Konjanovski points out that it is time to make real and concrete projects for a healthy Bitola.

– We have to make up for what has been neglected and not done for four years, with quick steps and concrete action. The TOPLIFICATION project in Bitola is a project of VMRO DPMNE which in 2017, by the government of SDSM and the mentor of Hristo Kondovski – VASKO KOVACHEVSKI, was stopped. Now, after 4 years of their rule and absolute non-work for a healthy environment in Bitola, they are trying to resurrect this project as their idea, says Konjanovski.

He points out that SDSM has neither an idea nor a realization for Bitola!

-Four years NOTHING! Exactly the same story with the gasification of Bitola, pompous promises from SDSM since 2017 and to this day – zero realization! Shamelessly, Hristo Kondovski promises gasification in front of Bitola today in 2021! The project for construction of a treatment plant in Bitola, exactly the same epilogue – stopped for 4 years due to the non-operation of SDSM! Bitola must not experience any more ecological disasters. We guarantee an energy efficient municipality by providing a gas connection to each home, after the finalization of the primary gas network, the candidate said.

Konjanovski guarantees subsidizing energy-efficient facades of collective housing buildings.

-We guarantee subsidies for solar and photovoltaic panels. We guarantee subsidies for solar collectors for households! We have a package of incentive measures for the construction of plants from renewable energy sources. We guarantee 100 percent coverage with economical ice public lighting. We create a future through action, ideas, projects for a green Bitola! Because you should work for Bitola, and not earn from it! For the seventh on the seventeenth, emphasizes Konjanovski.