Filipce: No new strong covid wave is expected, the possibility for mandatory vaccination is not excluded

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The Minister of Health Venko Vilipce says that he does not expect a strong wave of Covid-19 in the next period, but that the situation is constantly monitored and measures will be taken in accordance with it’s development. He emphasizes that for now there is no consideration for the introduction of mandatory vaccination, but that nothing is ruled out and everything will depend on whether the current coverage will continue to reduce the numbers.

– We do not expect a strong wave, pressure in the hospitals, but we are ready to accept patients in any city, said Filipce in response to journalists’ questions.

It is difficult, he said, to talk about expectations, but it can be seen from previous experiences that this wave was strong and there were a large number of newly diagnosed patients in need of hospital treatment, only in cities where vaccination coverage is low, and in cities where that coverage is higher, “there is no congestion in hospitals.”

– Now on the territory of the whole country is increasing coverage with vaccination. I think there should not be a strong wave, but that does not mean that we should not be careful and we should monitor the situation. Obviously, vaccination does it’s thing. That there is an effect of this process has been proven and has been proven now in these cities where hospitals are not overloaded at all. And if vaccinated people become infected, it will be a milder form of the disease and that is something that is followed in other countries where the coverage with vaccination is quite high, said the Minister of Health.

He says that the beginning of each campaign and recommendation of a certain measure has increased the number of people who have applied for vaccination and that now the interest in receiving the first dose is lower.

– I believe that the citizens are more and more clear about the effect of vaccination, and that is that where and where there are patients, hospitals are simply not overloaded. Vaccination achieves two things – first it protects its own health, and then the health system that will not be overloaded and will be able to work normally and other specialties and not to make waiting lists, said Filipce, emphasizing that work will continue to emphasize the importance of vaccination.

He added that a new restrictive measure will soon be applied to enter certain facilities and events, where only vaccinated with two doses can enter, instead of as before with only one. In addition, no other measures are being considered for now, said Filipce, although this is not ruled out.

– It is difficult to predict how the situation with the virus will move. There are various studies and predictions. At the moment, apart from campaigns and restrictive measures, some countries have recommendations in some sectors to make vaccination mandatory. We are not thinking about it yet, but nothing is ruled out. We will see what this next period will be like, what the epidemiological situation will be, we will see if this coverage with a vaccine will continue to reduce the numbers and based on that we would make new decisions, said Filipce.