Zaev for Albanian President of Macedonia: I will want to welcome that moment

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The Prime Minister Zoran Zaev says that he has nothing against the President of the country to be Albanian and that he would like to see that, but stressed that this requires support not only from the Albanians living in the country, but also from the rest of the non-Albanian population because, as he said, the president is elected in direct elections, and not by party and political agreements.

– I will wait for the moment when the citizens and Macedonians, Albanians, Serbs, Aromanians and Turks will be ready to choose a citizen who is not Macedonian. This is our common country, we are all born here, our fathers and grandfathers were born, and here will be our common future, said Zaev in response to a journalist question about the claims of DUI leader Ali Ahmeti that the next thing this party will fulfill be the election of an Albanian as president.

The Prime Minister reminded that the President is elected in direct elections where the citizens vote and that it is not agreed by party and politics.

– I will want to welcome that moment, to be alive and healthy, me and all of us. It will mean affirmation of a person, a citizen above all and as a citizen regardless of his ethnic determination to pass to the citizens whom at least 50 percent of Macedonians, 50 percent of Albanians, 50 percent of Serbs, Aromanians, Roma, Bosnians and all who live in our country would vote for him for president, said Zaev at a press conference in the Government.