Proeska: We are creating a new future for Krushevo – Construction of a new tourist development zone

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The approval of the overall tourist offer for our city is another prerequisite for the development of tourism, as one of the main actors for the local economic development of the municipality. Exactly for that, with the amendment of the GUP for the city of Krushevo, the establishment of a tourist development zone will be foreseen and the infrastructure in the weekend zone by the lake will be completed, as well as the construction of the fecal and atmospheric sewerage and wastewater treatment plant, said Biljana Proeska, candidate for mayor of the municipality of Krushevo from VMRO-DPMNE.

– In order to improve the conditions for paragliding and holding international competitions, we will build a new functional facility on Meckin Kamen, as well as a cable car that will connect the Meckin Kamen airfield with the Stopanstvo landing site.

In order for Krushevo to grow into a recognizable tourist destination throughout the year, we will increase the offer with activities in all four seasons, “4 seasons Krushevo”.

That is why we will build city beaches on Lake Krushevo, we will arrange the space around the lake and we will offer new adrenaline content.

For the youngest we will build a skate park, as well as a trim path to the cross of Vrsnik, recreational pedestrian and bicycle path Krushevo – Sliva – Lake.

We owe it to our fellow citizens. We guarantee for the improvement of the living conditions in our city, adds Proeska.