THE REPORT ARRIVED AFTER ALMOST A MONTH – this is the reason for the fire in the modular hospital in Tetovo where the lives of 14 people tragically ended

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The Report on the expertise of the traces of the fire in the Modular covid hospital in Tetovo, prepared by the Department for forensic-technical examinations and expertise at the Ministry of Interior was submitted to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Tetovo. Pursuant to the Order issued by the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Tetovo, the expertise determines the existence of traces of electrical short circuit of the delivered material taken during the on-site inspection of the fire, as well as traces that are important for determining the cause of the fire in the Modular hospital which killed 14 people.
From the analysis of the traces of fire damage, the dynamics of the spread of the fire and based on the damage to the inventory and space, taking into account the information obtained about the actions before and during the fire, the experts determined the location and possible cause of the fire.
Namely, the expertise determines that the fire occurred as a consequence of an electrical short circuit through a high transient resistance in the connection cable of a defibrillator with which a patient was resuscitated in one of the hospital rooms. The overheating of the cable caused the ignition in the junction box of the extension cord to which the defibrillator, mobile phone charger and another device were connected.
Following the appearance of a flame, the present medical staff attempted to extinguish the fire, but there was a violent spread of the fire throughout the building, spreading from the roof panels to the low areas of the panel walls and hospital equipment. As all hospitalized patients were connected to the central oxygen supply, and thus the percentage of oxygen present throughout the hospital was increased, as well as due to damage to the oxygen installation during the fire, the fire spread throughout facility for a very short period of time.
The fact that in the attic space of the building there are no partitions between the modules / rooms and the hallway that would slow down the transmission of fire also contributed to this.
This expertise is just one of the evidence provided so far. It is expected that the Tetovo Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office will receive the reports and data for which the prosecution has issued orders and instructions to other competent institutions, as well as the expertise that should arrive in accordance with the requested international legal assistance from an expert team from Germany. At the same time, the prosecution continues to act intensively on the case and other actions are taken to fully clear the event.
After gathering all the verbal and material evidence, after reviewing and analyzing them, a public prosecutor’s decision will be made for the further course of the procedure.