Zaev: Let me read the report and tomorrow I will decide on the resignations

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The Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced that during the day or tomorrow at the latest he will give his comment on the published report from the expertise on the fire in the Modular covid hospital in Tetovo.

– It is really the first time I hear that the report has been published, we were probably already at a press conference when it was published. Let me read the report, see it with everything that has been published, so that I can give my reactions and immediately during the day or tomorrow at the latest I will give my comment on this, said Zaev, answering journalists’ questions at a press conference today in the Government.

Asked what that would mean specifically for the offered resignations, he said that immediately after knowing all the information about what had been published, he would state his position on the resignations of the Minister and the Deputy Minister of Health.

Zaev expressed gratitude to the institutions that publish the reports, because, as he said, the citizens are waiting for them.

– That is the most important thing, the reports themselves must be professionally and timely completed and any information that gives additional answers to our people, the families of our fallen fellow citizens is the responsiveness of the institutions, said Zaev.

Earlier today, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Northern Macedonia informed that the Tetovo Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office submitted a report on the expertise of the fire in the Modular covid hospital in Tetovo, prepared by the Department of Forensic Technical Examinations and Expertise at the Ministry of Interior.

– The expertise determines that the fire occurred as a consequence of an electrical short circuit through a high transient resistance in the connection cable of a defibrillator with which a patient was resuscitated in one of the hospital rooms. The overheating of the cable caused ignition in the connection box of the extension cable to which the defibrillator, mobile phone charger and another device were connected, the Public Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement. (MIA)