Tetovo modular hospital fire raised the alarm, inspections show that there is no fire fighting system in other clinics as well

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After the modular hospital in Tetovo burned down on September 8, no details of the investigation could be heard or seen, so the fire raised the alarm of the authorities of other public health institutions.

At the beginning of the corona crisis last March, the renovation of surgical clinics began. Although a year and a half has passed, no one has reacted or checked what has been done so far. However, after the fire broke out and the modular hospital in Tetovo burned down, the clinics within the clinical center in Skopje were inspected.

After almost less than a week after the fire in Tetovo, a note was sent to the authorities of surgical clinics within the Mother Teresa complex in Skopje. During the renovation that was done at these clinics last year, the fire system was out of use, ie the cables were cut.

Practically, the note from September 14 that was sent by the Joint Services of the Clinic to the authorities of the surgery clinics shows that if it were not for the case in Tetovo, they might not have been notified.

It has been more than a year and a half since the renovation and now it occurred to them to inspect and see that the fire fighting system is not working. If it were not for the case in Tetovo, they would not have checked, we would not have known, say the employees of the Surgical Clinics.