“Profiteer” affair: Silegov spent millions on rigged contracts

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After the “Illegal construction” affair -where the mayor of Skopje Petre Silegov was illegally building addition to his family building without documents, after the affair “Vodovod” – construction and construction activities on a water supply system without a signed contract follows the “Profiteer” affair. All this gives the contours for a future comprehensive investigation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office into how the mayor of Skopje in four years increases his assets by almost half a million euros, the spokesman of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, Naum Stoilkovski said at Sunday’s press conference .

“Profiteer” is a scandal that leads to the fact that for financial gain, major contracts were awarded at full estimated price, without reduction, without competition, without economic negative bidding, contracts won at a level with unrealistic estimated value from the City of Skopje. This is impossible in a free economy, and it is impossible if one does not make big profits. The “Profiteer” affair will show a huge probability of rigging contracts, because it is impossible not to have companies interested in such economically major contracts. It is impossible not to have an economic bidding, he said.

He says that all comes down to one thing – that Silegov paid millions from the Skopje municipality for rigged contracts.

Someone profited a lot from the contracts for construction works for the City of Skopje! He profited at the expense of the city treasury. He profited at the expense of the free economy. He profited to the detriment of companies that may not have wanted to share part of the cake to win the contract! Stoilkovski pointed out.