TRAFFIC CHAOS IN AERODROM: Convoys of vehicles at this intersection, citizens revolted (VIDEO)

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Unprecedented traffic chaos occurred today in the morning at the intersection near the DoubleTree Hilton in Skopje neighborhood Aerodrom. As can be seen from the video, there are endless columns of vehicles on the boulevard “ASNOM” as well as on the boulevard “Serbia”.

The reason is more than clear, less than a month before the local elections, the local authorities after 4 years of sitting in a chair as if with their hands tied, now “rolled up their sleeves”, got to work, and dug streets all over Skopje.

Witnesses for KURIR say that this morning the traffic is congested, and the same thing is happening every day on the larger boulevards in Skopje where they waited up to half an hour to get out of the traffic chaos.

Drivers and citizens are outraged and complain that because of the disorganization they are late for their jobs and can not complete their daily responsibilities.