Is Bulgaria saving Zaev with fake polls to fulfill the promise to change history and identity?!

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Are SDSM and Zoran Zaev trying to survive politically through Bulgaria, faced with a decline in the trust of the citizens and the numerous scandals that follow? Is that why fictitious polls are being published directly from Bulgaria and because of the Bulgarian interests that should save Zaev in order to fulfill the given promises to Bulgaria.

Insiders comment that the latest poll published by Brima is exactly that, Bulgarian assistance in trying to save Zoran Zaev politically.

According to them, behind this poll are media that are considered close to SDSM and it is conducted by Andrej Rajchev who is the founder of the agency Brima Ltd in Macedonia.

Let us remind you that Rajchev is known for his views as a proven anti-Macedonian, a man close to Boyko Borisov who stands for the Bulgarianization of Macedonia. One of his ideas for achieving that goal is to open a Bulgarian university in Macedonia. According to him, in that way the first step is for the students to become close to Bulgaria. In an interview with Deutsche Welle, he stressed that it is in Bulgaria’s interest.

“Why, for example, should there be no Bulgarian university in Skopje? As there is an American University in Blagoevgrad. Graduates of that university do not become Americans, but become close to America. Money comes from America, experts come from America – and it is assumed that a large percentage of the graduates of that university are pro-American. And that is completely legitimate, it is not some kind of propaganda or agitation. It is simply a great service that those people received from one country,” Rajchev said in an interview.

This wish of Rajchev was partially fulfilled by Zoran Zaev. In May this year, the government led by SDSM and Zoran Zaev gave approval for the opening of a Bulgarian university in Macedonia, which is not accidentally called almost the same as our university “St. Cyril and Methodius”, or VELIKOTRNOVSKI UNIVERSITY “St. Cyril and Methodius”.

While experts and citizens reacted to this move, which by the way contradicts the Law on Copyright and Industrial Property, the Law on Institutions and Articles of the Law on Trade Companies, only for Zaev’s government there is no problem. They zealously defended the approval to open a Bulgarian university in Macedonia under the same name as the Macedonian one.

According to experts, that is why Bulgaria needs Zoran Zaev to stay in power, and defeat in the local elections would mean a shaky government and possible early parliamentary elections and the fall of the SDSM government, and that is not appropriate for Bulgaria.

– They have an interest for Zaev to fulfill the promise given before Borisov, the change of the Macedonian history, recognition that the Macedonians before 1945 were Bulgarians, as well as that the Macedonian language was Bulgarian. And here it does not stop, the request is through falsification of history to a changed Macedonian identity. Zaev should fulfill that the roots of the Macedonian contemporary identity from the Ilinden period are Bulgarian, that is why the Bulgarians are actively involved in the campaign in Macedonia to save the political career of Zoran Zaev, they added