Mickoski dominates: Nervousness on Zaev’s face says enough about how he went during the TV duel

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Hristijan Mickoski is a convincing winner of Monday’s TV duel. He showed superiority over Zoran Zaev and was in control of the whole debate.

To the specific accusations by Mickoski, Zaev responded with a dose of cynicism and arrogance and even smiled.

He even warned Mickoski why he was nervous about the fire in Tetovo. Mickoski replied that he was nervous because 14 people lost their lives.

Instead of concrete answers, Zaev used empty phrases and at no point did he say that he would change the Minister of Health.

Let’s wait for the investigation, Zaev justified himself.

Unlike him, Mickoski spoke with facts, stating that the modular hospital was put into operation without an appropriate document and pointing out that not only moral but also criminal and political responsibility is needed.

Zaev’s answer why Macedonia has so many Covid deaths was also illogical. Zaev accused the citizens that they are guilty because they went to the doctor late and that our mentality is to blame for that.

Mickoski had a counter-question on that, what is the difference between our mentality and the one in Serbia, Albania, Croatia…?

Instead of procuring vaccines or getting involved in a production project, you ran for commissions, accused Mickoski.

With the debate, Mickoski proved that not everyone is the same and that there is a difference between him and Zaev. That is why maybe Zaev was absent all the time and without contact with reality. The nervousness on his face says enough about how you went through the duel.