SDSM activist from Prilep sends out ghoulish threats against the top VMRO-DPMNE candidate

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An SDSM party activist from Prilep is issuing death threats against the family of the VMRO-DPMNE mayoral candidate Borce Jovceski.

A profile user under the name Robert Vretoski – who is the head of a dubious NGO group from Prilep and is frequently seen in the company of local and national SDSM party officials – went to Facebook to threaten doctor Jovceski with alleged wiretaps. This is a common threat from the SDSM party, whose top officials often use wiretaps to go against their political enemies. He Vretoski told Jovceski, who already suffered the tragic death of one son, that he should “withdraw your candidacy if you value your family – otherwise you’ll find your younger son in a ditch, like a dog”.

Under the Zaev regime, the Interior Ministry would often go against opposition activists for comments they make on social media, while ignoring threats and verbal assaults when they come from activists of the ruling parties.