Zaev is not considering resigning, Mickoski demands responsibility

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Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is not considering resigning after the tragedy in the Tetovo modular hospital, and any request of the opposition for his resignation, he says, is pure politicking.

The question of whether he will accept the resignation of Minister Venko Filipce, the journalists ask the Prime Minister every day, but he remains of the opinion that he will make a decision after the forensic expertise is completed and the causes of the accident are determined.

The opposition continues to demand responsibility, but, as VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said, does not expect an impartial investigation “while the Minister of Health is where he is, while his deputy is where he is and while these people lead the Government “.

According to Mickoski, it is clear that the modular hospital did not have a permit, and it was put into use and here we need criminal responsibility, 10 years in prison for those who allowed it to happen.

– Mickoski to come, to be prime minister? I am not thinking of resigning, and the Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister will be the President of the Alliance when he deserves, when he will be here to give ideas, to offer solutions, not to use ugliness in the most perfidious way during the three days of mourning. out of a sheer desire for power, to win. As long as they behave like this, they will lose the elections. The other alternative is this: unity, investments, higher wages, contribution to GDP, said yesterday Prime Minister Zaev regarding the criticism of Mickoski, but also the request of the leader of the Alliance for Albanians, Zijadin Sela for his resignation.

He reiterated that the tragedy in Tetovo affected everyone and we will remember it for a lifetime.

– We lost lives. Let’s wait for the forensic reports. “Abusing the pain that the whole nation is going through is pure politicking,” he said.

Mickoski is adamant that the culprits must bear responsibility, functional or moral.

– It is sad and unfortunate when a person identifies with a function and when he interprets himself as “the function – that is me”, especially in conditions when innocent human lives ended. If that person does not feel any moral responsibility and tries to interpret that if he leaves, and Mickoski would be prime minister, then really, apart from the feeling of nausea that I have at the moment, I have nothing else to say, Mickoski commented for Zaev’s statement.

What VMRO-DPMNE can promise and what it can commit to, he said, is that sooner or later the work will be pushed to the end.

– What kind of investigation are we talking about? We have a facility that has been put into use without permission. We do not have fire protection installations. The culprits for this must be held accountable, whether it is functional or moral. In Macedonia, fires happen too often, defeats happen too often, which now cost human lives. If there is no responsibility now, if there is no guilt and resignation of at least those who are competent and competent in this case, and that is the Minister of Health, if we do not have an independent investigation if we do not have an investigation that will answer any questions I have asked publicly, and that is how the building can not have fire protection, why there is no measurement of oxygen, how can there be no permit for use, and the building to be in use and many other questions that I asked and for which there is no answer, said Mickoski.

The tragedy in Tetovo happened on September 8 this year. Fourteen people died in the modular hospital. An investigation is underway with the support of German experts. The team has already arrived and has been on the field since yesterday.