VMRO-DPMNE: How many people should lose their lives for Zaev to resign?!

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How many people should lose their lives for Zaev to resign?! Let Zaev say how many more tragedies should happen to the state for someone to take responsibility?! If Zaev resigns, the state will not be dissolved, only he resigns, it is simple! There must be resignation of Zaev, Filipce and Hasani, and that is not the dissolution of the state as Zaev wants to present, they are neither aristocrats, nor the state is theirs, say the VMRO-DPMNE.

– The institutions will continue to exist and function even after Zaev, Filipce and Hasani resign. Zaev is not a judge who should evaluate the reports and findings of experts, they will be the basis for criminal liability of Hasani and Filipce, from which there is no escape. Zaev should only dismiss Hasani and Filipce because that is the moral responsibility, and then he should resign. No 14 people can be burned alive without anyone being held accountable. Everywhere in the world, ministers are taking responsibility for the slightest tragedy related to their portfolio, and Zaev does not want to take responsibility for 14 living burnt people, the party said in a statement.