Stoilkovski: Where does money for luxury come from? Shilegov’s company on the edge of survival?

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Petre Shilegov did not respond to the challenge to show the income of his law firm for the past three years while he is mayor of the City of Skopje. Shilegov is hiding it because it would answer questions about the source of money for the luxuries with which Shilegov was renewed and with which funds he increases his property in these three years during his mayoral term, said at today’s press conference, Naum Stoilkovski, spokesman for VMRO-DPMNE.

He says that according to their information, the Law firm Shilegov and partners LTD – Skopje in 2019, achieved a financial result – a profit of 301,905 denars.

– So Petre Shilegov’s law firm in 2019 has a profit of less than 5,000 euros. An entire law firm, an entire company, on the verge of survival, on the verge of maintenance. Law firm where Shilegov is not alone, Shilegov also has partners, so is the name of the company. The mayor’s salary of Petre Shilegov is not enough for such a luxury in three years. Shilegov’s company with 300,000 denars annual income, is on the verge of existence, and can not be a source of luxury. Outgoing mayor Petre Shilegov disproportionately increases his property in one term with a luxury villa in Mavrovo of 300 square meters with a huge luxury exterior, with a fleet of at least 130,000 euros, three luxury cars, as well as with an illegal luxury upgrade of a family building which increases the value of the building by at least 100 thousand euros, said Stoilkovski.

The spokesman explains that neither the salary nor the company can be a source of such luxury!

The questions that Petre Shilegov is running away from are the following:

  • Are there companies behind the luxury buildings and illegal upgrades that can in some way be related to tenders and paid money from the city treasury?

Is Petre Shilegov luxuriating at the expense of counter-services related to the operation of the City?

These are just some of the questions raised by the silence of the institutions about the illegal upgrade of Petre Shilegov, the silence about his documentation, the silence about undeclared luxury property that he himself talks about! There is nothing worse than SDSM, for Skopje there is nothing worse than Petre Shilegov, added Stoilkovski.