Will the Constitution reopen for Sofia: Bulgarians demand to be included as constituent nation

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The Bulgarians in Macedonia should be included in Macedonia’s Constitution as a constituent nation, Pressing TV has learned.

This, among other things, is demanded by the Bulgarian National Platform and the Foundation “Macedonia”, which at a joint press conference expressed concern that, as they say, in the last 30 years Bulgaria is in no way present in Macedonia and does not protect the interests of the Bulgarians living there.

As Tribuna.mk reports, the two non-governmental organizations called on the state of Bulgaria to engage in the problems in Macedonia, because the processes have not yet become irreversible. They are categorical that the two countries should shake hands, recognize their common past and each go their own way.

We can still catch the last train, but if we do not do that, Belgrade will succeed in tearing the Macedonian countries away from Bulgaria after a century and a half, said the representatives of the two non-governmental organizations and explained that they are uniting for that reason.

The two NGOs also presented several bad practices related to the census, which is currently taking place in Macedonia. As early as March 2020, 36 cases of citizens from Macedonia were ascertained, who was summoned by the government because they wanted to declare themselves as Bulgarians. They were intimidated not to do so because the Bulgarians were historical enemies of the Macedonians.

Both organizations announced that at the moment there is a campaign by organizations claiming to be Bulgarian, people who declare themselves as Bulgarians should not declare themselves as such, because there was no difference between Macedonians and Bulgarians and the time has not come for that. Both NGOs are adamant that Bulgaria and Bulgarian society have done nothing to prepare Bulgarians in Macedonia for the census.