Mickoski: The containers should have withstood minimum 2 hours of fire, but they burned in 2 minutes. Here is why

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In the absence of answers from the authorities, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski shares information that increases the responsibility of those who run away from moral and any other responsibility.

Yesterday I asked about the manner and material of construction of the modular hospitals. Here is why. The procurement made by the Ministry of Health requires the modular hospitals – containers to be composed of wall and roof (PUR) panels with lowest level of fire resistance. There is no requirement to submit queality certificate from a manufacturer of any material used in the construction of these modular hospitals. There is also no requirement for evacuation plans in the facilities themselves. In addition to not requiring a report (project) for PP protection, it is also not required to comply with the minimum requirements for PP protection for this type of facilities (health facilities). According to the rulebook for protection against fires and explosions, these buildings belong to a group of buildings of category “D” and it applies to them that the same buildings must have a fire resistance of at least 2 hours. In reality, the hospital in Tetovo burned down in 2 minutes. Hence, why were flammable PUR panels required in the procurement? Why was no quality certificate required, why was there no fire protection system, and why what should have lasted 2 hours in the worst case, burned in 2 minutes? All of this goes beyond moral responsibility. An objective investigation is needed, released by Zaev, Filipce and Hasani. That is why there should resign!, writes Mickoski