MECs are working to confirm the lists of mayors and councilors in the local elections

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The Municipal Election Commissions are already confirming the lists of candidates and councilors for the local elections on October 17. The speed of confirmation of candidacies depends on the verification of the data on the candidates by the institutions, having in mind that it is a large number of candidates. The institutions are obliged to submit the information in electronic form to the MEC.

The Election Commission of the City of Skopje has already confirmed the lists of candidates who submitted their candidacies the day before the deadline, to the Left and for councilors and the mayor, and to the Bosniak Democratic Union. For the city of Skopje, 12 candidacies for mayor and 15 lists for councilors have been submitted, which is the most compared to other municipalities.

In total, 297 candidacies for mayor and 546 lists for councilors were submitted in all 80 municipalities and the City of Skopje.

The MECs should submit the lists to the State Election Commission by September 18 at the latest, after which a draw and announcement of the lists will take place.

Yesterday, at a session, the State Election Commission pointed out that all MECs as an election body are obliged to comply with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection, according to which the protection of personal data and the right to privacy regarding the processing of their personal data are decisively regulated. . All MEC members are obliged to respect the principles related to personal data processing, as they have signed a statement on ensuring confidentiality and protection of personal data processing.

– It is strictly forbidden to take out during photography, photocopying, e-mail, telephone, the documentation that contains personal data of the candidates, as well as the entire documentation of the MECs that process this data. Appropriate sanctions are provided for violating the provisions of the legal regulations, which regulate the protection of personal data in accordance with the Criminal Code. Therefore, the SEC, starting from ourselves, the SEC staff, the auxiliary bodies engaged, as well as all election bodies, MECs, and election boards requires full professional and responsible behavior in the work of all election bodies in accordance with applicable laws, said the Vice President of the Commission. Ditmire Shehu.

SEC President Aleksandar Dashtevski also stressed that MECs must be careful because, as he said, although the provision of personal data is prohibited by a special law, it is punishable under the Criminal Code and some actions to be taken on that occasion will depend on by law enforcement agencies.

Answering a journalist question, Shehu pointed out that this time the candidacies are confirmed by the MECs in accordance with the Electoral Code. At the moment, as he said, they are reviewing the documentation and are waiting for certificates from the courts.

At today’s session, the SEC adopted the request for obtaining authorization for observers, ie for 34 persons. All those who are interested in observing the elections can submit documentation no later than seven days before the elections.

The SEC is preparing for the elections of its terminals for loading fingerprints, for which the servers have already arrived in the country, and these days the arrival of another 950 terminals is expected. The rest will arrive by October 1 at the latest. The education of the election bodies is also already underway.

All participants in the local elections are already known to the public, and the campaigns, at least, unofficially, have already started a long time ago.

The DUI party announced at a press conference yesterday that it will compete in the local elections with 35 lists for councilors and 19 candidates for mayors. In six municipalities, such as Struga, Cair, Suto Orizari, Bitola, Mavrovo and Kumanovo, the holders of Lists for municipal councils are women.

The election campaign starts on September 27 and ends on October 15. The elections will be this time with protocols for respecting Covid-19.