NOT ONLY IN TETOVO: The Gostivar hospital was also entered through a window to visit the infected!

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The citizens of Tetovo are not the only ones in the country who visit and take care of their relatives who are positive for conidium in the infectious hospital wards, although it is strictly forbidden. Such visits are quietly approved in many cities across the country, Radio Free Europe reports.

Retired Bahredin Sulejman, who was hospitalized in the Gostivar hospital for several days due to coronavirus difficulties, testified that visits to the center were allowed. He says his children visited him in the infectious disease ward hospital room.

“They will put him down in their suit and let him go, but they only let him in once,” he said.

Dr. Bilali admits that although visits and longer stays with coyote patients in the hospital are not allowed, relatives do not always follow that rule. But. adds that such abuses were not common. He explains that medical workers can not be the security of the hospital.

“So there were no relatives to take care of a patient after a few hours, there were not even regular visits, I tell you it happened for example when it was almost over, they see some patients out of emotion, they happen to enter through the window. And normally you will not even forbid it, when a person loses a close family member, there is no reason for me or my sister to deal with not letting him in when it is our priority to do our best to save as much as we can. ” , says Bilali.

Minister Venko Filipce at the press conference one day after the tragic event in Tetovo was decisive that visits to infectious wards where patients with infectious diseases are treated are strictly prohibited.