Buhova: In no case should a civilian be allowed to enter a covid center

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There is no protocol in the treatment of Covid-19 patients that a civilian can enter to accompany or visit them, the director of the State Sanitary Inspectorate Irina Sotirova Buhova told Kanal 5.

The procedure for the fire in the modular hospital in Tetovo is completely conducted by the basic public prosecutor’s office and until this moment the prosecutor’s office has not requested an extraordinary inspection from the SSI. The prosecution confirmed on Friday that among the victims two were outsiders, a patient’s wife, and a patient’s daughter, for whom it should be further determined whether they were accompanied by their parents at the fatal moment or maybe at the moment of the fire they entered the hospital to help them.

Buhova says that in the previous period there were reports that relatives entered the covid centers, but when they went to the hospitals there were no civilians present. She says that when the inspectors go for regular supervision, they are obliged to report the visit to the hospital, and if the supervision is extraordinary while waiting for the inspector to enter the hospital, it is immediately known that the inspector is in front of the hospital.

After the fire, many citizens claimed that civilians were called to the covid centers by the medical staff in order to help their relatives infected with Covid 19. A Tetovo resident told “Deutsche Welle” that he gave money so that his immobile brother had better care. His brother and father died in the fire at a modular hospital on September 8.