Mickoski calls for resignations of the Government officials after witness in the Tetovo hospital fire reported that he is receiving death threats

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VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski shared the testimony of Ibin Emshiu from Tetovo, who warns that he is facing death threats after he spoke out about the details of the catastrophic Tetovo hospital fire, in which his father and brother were killed. According to Mickoski, this is evidence that the Zaev regime can’t remain in place and independently investigate the disaster.

The death threats aimed at Ibin Emshiu are an attempt to prevent him from testifying about the shocking truth and to reveal the rottenness of the healthcare system which led to this disaster. I ask, who is threatening him? Who is trying to silence the truth? We demand resignations from Deputy Minister Hasani, Minister Filipce and from Zoran Zaev, so they won’t influence the investigation, Mickoski said.

Emshiu said that he spent days in the improvised Covid hospital in Tetovo before it burnt down, caring for his family members and other patients. He testified that the hospital was badly understaffed and families of patients were told to pay for proper care, or leave a family member to provide care. At the time of the fire, there were numerous outside family members in the hospital, caring for the 26 patients, which added to the fire risk and also complicated the evacuation process.