Leaked audio tape shows top DUI officials discussing rigging of judicial appointments

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An audio tape showing top DUI party officials apparently rigging the outcome of judicial appointments, was leaked today. The leaker is El Cheka, a Macedonian Albanian man living in the United States who has often leaked tapes from the large cache of secretly recorded conversations used by Zoran Zaev in his power-grab in 2015. Since Zaev broadcast the tapes selectively, to fit his own political needs, the El Cheka tapes would sometimes throw new light on the scandals fabricated by Zaev, and especially, reveal information about the Albanian parties from Zaev’s coalition.

In this tape, which is about two minutes long, the voices allegedly belong to Struga Mayor Ramiz Merko and the powerful former Deputy Prime Minister Musa Xhaferi. They are heard talking about appointment of judges in the Struga court. The purpose of the discussion is to make sure the public doesn’t realize that the DUI party is appointing the judges.

Albanians always get blamed, even when we haven’t done a crime. The judges are held by the Zajas clan, and are bastards, left and right, a voice is heard saying.

The Zajas clan refers to the native village of DUI party leader Ali Ahmeti.