Stoilkovski: Does the contractor of the building “Shilegov” have anything to do with the tenders in Skopje?

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Petre Shilegov in front of the luxury building – illegal construction, has not placed a mandatory information board, a board with the names of the designer, investor, contractor, who supervises the work, most importantly – the number of the building permit, said the VMRO-DPMNE spokesman at a press conference Naum Stoilkovski.

– Well, Shilegov, do you have a building permit at all? Who gave you that building permit above what was allowed? How many utilities have you paid for it? The deadline is running for Shilegov to publicly show the document from the Municipality of Karpos, the permit, according to which it goes beyond the height that is the norm for this urban area. And, in addition to the building permit, let Shilegov show the concluded contract with the contractor! Is it a company that has anything to do with the tenders in the City of Skopje? Is it a company – close to the public enterprises of the City of Skopje? Does Shilegov have any payment slip, payment, financial transaction to that company? Is it compensation? Or maybe a thank you note for a won tender, work for the City of Skopje or a public enterprise under the City of Skopje? The whole public talked about Shilegov’s family building for ten days and only the inspection services were scandalized, neither by Karposh’s urbanism, nor by the State Inspectorate for urbanism! Sotilkovski pointed out.

There is nothing worse than SDSM, for Skopje there is nothing worse than Shilegov! He added.