New crime in sight! Have they started to print a forgery confirm that you have been vaccinated?

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From August 16, the new measures in the country for unvaccinated citizens will take effect.

Unvaccinated citizens will not be allowed to enter restaurants, cafes, will not be allowed to attend sports and cultural events… both indoors and outdoors.

Such measures have been introduced for some time in several European countries, where they provoked violent reactions and mass protests.

Italy, France and Germany have imposed restrictions on them in order to force citizens to get mass vaccinations against Covid-19.

Opinions are divided, but statistics show that the vaccine protects against Covid-19 and it’s mutations.

Macedonia will follow the example by introducing restrictions from Monday. The citizens in this case are also divided, some will go out to protest, others went out today to be vaccinated en masse.

But these restrictions bring another problem, these restrictions indicate a great crime!

Namely, our team traveled to our neighbor Serbia, to Vranje, Leskovac and Nis, all in order to ask the citizens why, despite so many vaccines in their country, they refuse to be vaccinated?

We came across amazing answers:

– Why should we be vaccinated, when for 30 euros in Macedonia we will buy a certificate that we are vaccinated, answered several of the respondents.

– Macedonian brothers, you come to be vaccinated in our country, and we buy a certificate from you, said one of the respondents.

According to these claims of the Serbian citizens, there is a serious suspicion that the business of counterfeiting for vaccination in Macedonia is spreading!

So, the important question, will this business grow rapidly after the introduction of restrictive measures on Monday?