Stoilkovski: Macedonia is burning, Stojance boasts with drawings

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Macedonia is burning, Stojance Angelov shares drawings on social networks! Macedonia is burning, Angelov brags about caricatures. Complete detachment from the reality of the one who has been left with all the protection of the state, said today the spokesman of VMRO-DPMNE, Naum Stoilkovski.

-Macedonia is still in a state of crisis, fires are still raging, forests, villages, cities, and even human lives are still in danger, and there is no systemic response, and there is no responsibility! Instead, there are caricatures of a man completely inadequate for the position. This is the first time that volunteers from abroad come to extinguish fires in Macedonia. And the government rests, shares drawings and does personal marketing! Efforts to deal with the fire are being coordinated by Austrians, Slovenes and other foreigners. Foreign media present Macedonia as if it were in the 14th century, during which time the promoted Stojance shared drawings and played with twigs. That is the system of SDSM in crisis, in the middle of fire, said Stoilkovski.
He says the government deserted in the middle of a crisis.

– She went on vacation, came back, took a picture, ate the meat of the firefighters and disappeared again! There is no other case in Europe where the prime minister and ministers deserted, left the country while facing the country with a great crisis and endangered human lives. There is still no responsibility. After two weeks of ashes that are still going on, no functional central crisis body has been formed, with professionals instead of circus performers, no extraordinary parliamentary session has been convened for information on the latest developments with the fires in Macedonia. No liability for non-serviced equipment and untimely response. The systemic answer is not the message “Let everything burn, we will pay”, but prevention, quick reaction, protection of common goods, forests, fields, cities, personal property, protection of human lives, said Stoilkovski.
Nobody is looking for answers from SDSM and Zaev anymore. SDSM and Zaev are required to be held accountable!