Prendzov to DUI: Why as a green party are you now reducing the “air quality” rate by 2.64 percent?

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A year ago, at this time, your coalition partners from SDSM said that you are criminals and that it is right for him to go into opposition, MP Ljupcho Prendzov replied to DUI at today’s parliamentary session on the rebalance of the budget.

– Then you formed a coalition in which the entire finances of the state belonged to your political party. I said then that SDSM is a decoration in the government, yesterday Bujar Osmani confirmed to me that it is your government, of DUI. Answer the citizens as if 1,700 people employed in various institutions, Artan Grubi to have a 39.56 percent increase in the name of administration salaries. Tell the Albanian citizens that at Grubi for the promotion of interethnic relations you have reduced the budget by 38 percent. The item for adequate equitable representation of your communities has been reduced by 42.4 percent, Prendzov asked.

The MP also asked why DUI as a green party now reduces the air quality rate by 2.64 percent.