UNESCO will discuss the status of the Ohrid region, a certain change the list of world values in danger

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The debate on the status of the Ohrid region in UNESCO is expected to be on the agenda today at the 44th session of the UN Committee on World Heritage, Education, Science and Culture, held in the Chinese city of Fuzhou.

Until the discussion on the situation in the Ohrid region as protected natural and cultural heritage of exceptional universal value, according to the planned agenda of the Committee there are five more items, so the decision on the draft report and the future status of protected cultural and natural heritage will probably be known during the day.

As for the draft version of the decision, it notes the weaknesses in the attitude of the state, institutions, authorities at national and local level to Lake Ohrid and the city of Ohrid as a natural or cultural heritage declared a world treasure and the inadequate response of the state and institutions after the remarks noted by the World Organization, with a specific proposal for the region to be included in the UNESCO List of world treasures in danger.

Earlier, 34 organizations and civic associations from Northern Macedonia and Albania sent a letter to the World Heritage Committee requesting UNESCO to include the Ohrid region in the List of World Heritage in Danger.

The epilogue of today’s debate is certain, it is very likely that Ohrid and the lake will be moved to the list of world values in danger. This does not mean their removal from the list of protected natural and cultural values of UNESCO, but an expected solution to what was pointed out years ago by experts and the critical public, as inappropriate behavior towards the world-recognized brand. Some experts are still of the opinion that this may be the right way that will open more opportunities for the state, institutions, the city to receive assistance, experience and mechanisms of the World Organization in the next activities to overcome the problems that actually led to the current situation.