Next week a decision will be made on the price of central heating

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The Regulatory commission for energy and water services during the next week will make the decision on the price that will be paid by the citizens of Skopje for central heating in the next season.

As ERC President Marko Bislimovski pointed out, by the deadline, or by May 31, the three companies of the central heating system have submitted their requests.

-All three companies demand an increase in the price of heat. BEG demands increase of 1.82 percent, ESM Energetika demands increase of 64.79 percent, and Skopje-North demands increase of the final price by 15.54 percent, said Bislimovski at today’s meeting with journalists.
He stressed that the price of gas participates with about 70 percent in the final price paid for central heating.

-Currently, the price of natural gas on world stock exchanges has increased significantly by more than 50 percent compared to the price of gas last year when the decision was made on the price of central heating, said Bislimovski and added that in practice the summer price of natural gas is higher than the winter price in 2020.

As of April this year, about 60,000 apartments have been connected to the central heating systems in the city of Skopje by the three companies, which is a growth of about 2,000 new consumers. (MIA)