“Zaev is a prototype for Pinocchio”, VMRO-DPMNE accuses that the Prime Minister is lying both in Macedonia and abroad

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Not only is he lying in Macedonia, but he is also lying abroad, Zaev is a prototype for Pinocchio. Not only did he not create 100,000 jobs in four years, but in the last year Zaev has caused the dismissal of 60,000 people. The fact that the people are moving out is not and can not be a reduction of unemployment, react from VMRO-DPMNE.

-If everyone with a low income gets fired, it does not mean an increase in the average salary, but only an increase in the gap between rich and poor. Over 65% of workers in Macedonia receive a salary below 25,000 denars. That is the sad reality in Macedonia because of Zaev. Corruption has eroded the state in all aspects. Zaev forgot to say that there is no investigation into him, his brother and cousins. The main defendant in Reket said that the money from Reket ended up with Zoran and Vice Zaevi. Trajce Zaev’s driver was caught smuggling drugs in action by the American DEA, and Trajce Zaev, Zoran Zaev’s cousin, was not even summoned for an interview at the Ministry of Interior, the party said.

VMRO-DPMNE points out that justice in Macedonia with Zaev is dead and it does not apply to anyone.

– The politically unfit are being harassed, and the Zaevi family and their relatives are committing crimes without hindrance. Zaev should say that the 111th place on the list for perception of corruption is due to him and his family, to Vice’s racket, to Trajche’s licenses and to the money pockets in Dan Donchev’s bag. There is no justice with Zaev, much less European prosperity. It is necessary for Zaev to leave, for the country to move forward, the party statement reads.