Arsovski: The law on marijuana is Zaev’s private law for personal enrichment of his drug cartel

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Zoran Zaev privatized the Government, next he will privatize the Parliament, and the ultimate goal is the privatization of the Republic of Macedonia. The law on marijuana, which Zoran Zaev is pushing in force as a proposal from the Government that wants to be voted in the Parliament, has the ultimate goal of legalizing Zaev’s marijuana business. This law is nothing but a personal law for Zaev’s businesses that will enable personal enrichment for him and his family, Dimce Arsovski, spokesman for VMRO-DPMNE, told the media today.

– By the way, it does so with a new abuse of the European flag, although there is no unified European regulation for this. With this law, Zaev wants to enable, in addition to cannabis oil for medical purposes, to legalize the trade in dried marijuana flowers, the one for which the head of the Prilep police “Chipsio” was arrested, a few months ago to become normal and everyday which will bring Zaevi’s companies millions of euros a year, net income and earnings. It is Zaevi who hold a huge part of the marijuana production in the Republic of Macedonia, through MAM Sveti Nikole and Pharma Medical Valandovo which are officially owned by them and other companies run by their close people, which we could see in the media, he said.

Arsovski pointed out that what Zaev wants to do is turn the Zaev clan into a drug cartel Zaev from which he and his close people will become enormously rich at the expense of the state and citizens.

– We will not allow that, the Zaevi drug cartel on one side, the poor people on the other side. This is the new division made by Zoran Zaev. The concept of Macedonia for all people will defeat these divisions created by Zoran Zaev and he will be held accountable for the abuse of power that he does only for personal business interest and family enrichment for him and his cousins, the spokesman added.