According to which calendar will we celebrate the Ilinden holiday jointly – According to the Macedonian or according to the Bulgarian?

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Bulgarians and Macedonian Bulgarians in Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia have already celebrated the Ilinden holiday. With appropriate celebrations, they did it two days ago, on July 20.

Thus, the Macedonian Scientific Institute organized a modest ceremony in the center of Blagoevgrad, while the Cultural Center “Ivan Mihajlov” from Bitola, together with the Consulate General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Bitola, representatives of the Bulgarian party VMRO-BND and the Macedonian-Bulgarian Friendship Association in the village Smilevo marked the event in front of the monument of the founder of, as they wrote, VMRO, Dame Gruev from Smilevo and Bitola.

The Bulgarian celebration of Ilinden is according to the religious calendar used by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

Macedonia, on the other hand, celebrates Ilinden on August 2, according to the Julian calendar, which is used by the Macedonian Orthodox Church-Ohrid Archbishopric. The same calendar is used by the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Russian Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and the Eastern Churches, including the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Hence the question according to which calendar will the Ilinden holiday be celebrated jointly? According to the Macedonian or according to the Bulgarian? Or, in the name of good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation will be neither mine nor yours, but somewhere in the middle, around July 27?! Because, as it started, it will end with a complete falsification of history!