Macedonia and UK Sign Anti-discrimination Cooperation Memo

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Minister of Labor and Social Policy Spiro Ristovski and United Kingdom Ambassador Christopher Yvon signed Wednesday a cooperation memorandum over project “Capacity Building of Ministry of Labor and Social Policy for Implementation of National Strategy on Equality and Non-Discrimination on Grounds of Ethnic Background, Gender, Age and Persons with Special Needs”.

“The project should enable improvement of capacities of central institutions – judiciary, ministries, parliament, ombudsman – and social partners”, said Minister Ristovski.

Moreover, the project also includes the development of a feasibility study on the current state in the field of equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practices, as well as mechanisms at disposal.

Ambassador Yvon stressed the UK would share its experiences in the field.

“We will exchange the best practices, but also help in the overcoming of certain barriers that we faced when implementing international conventions and treaties”, added Yvon.

According to him, the project would revive the legal framework in practice, thus making it beneficial for all citizens with regards to protection from discrimination and promotion of equal rights.

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