Mickoski with a concept for the future: We will formalize cryptocurrency trading and be pioneers in the region in blockchain technology

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We will be pioneers or among the first in the region to offer a formalized approach to trading in cryptocurrencies and “Blockchain” technology, something that today many young people not only in Macedonia but also in the region, Europe, USA is a serious step towards the future. Let’s go to the future, and not passively wait for that future, because if we passively wait for the future, we will never step firmly towards the future, said Mickoski at yesterday’s promotion “Macedonia for all people” in Karposh.

Mickoski said that formalizing the cryptocurrency market would allow over half a billion euros to end up in the budget. “That is half a billion euros for education, infrastructure, hospitals, and a number of projects,” he said.

Exactly this project of VMRO-DPMNE will bring the development of the Republic of Macedonia, this project will be for the benefit of the citizens and the state. Instead of marijuana fields, we will have modern technologies and more money for the people. VMRO-DPMNE offers policies for the 21st century and SDSM returns Macedonia to the 19th century, said Mickoski.

He noted that the cryptocurrency market is currently worth $ 2.5 trillion, which is much more than the capitalization of the world’s largest banks, investment funds, and large companies.

Macedonia must keep pace with the future. In Germany, about 40 banks trade in cryptocurrencies and allow their clients to exchange bitcoins or etheriums for money, said Mickoski. He added that this will be the case in Macedonia and it will mean a great opportunity for the citizens of Macedonia and people from the neighborhood to frame their trade within a legal framework.