Almost 42,000 requests for personal documents were submitted in 10 days: Spasovski says that they are organized, the situation in reality is the opposite

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Nearly 42,000 applications for personal documents were submitted to the Ministry of Interior in ten days.
The Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski, says in the morning program on MTV that there is a serious increase in the number of requests for issuance of personal documents, but there are enough forms for all personal documents.

-The services are well organized and work and every citizen will receive a personal document that is needed. From 5 to 14 July 2021, a total of 41,864 requests for issuance of personal documents were submitted. In one week, we have as many requests as we have issued documents throughout June, and somewhere around three thousand calls per day for requests for issuance of personal documents and about a thousand through electronic access for appointments, said the Minister.

Spasovski informed that in June, 42 thousand passports, about 20 thousand ID cards and about 10 thousand driver’s licenses were issued, which is, as he said, almost double the normal in the summer and were issued in the country.

While the Minister boasts of good organization, the situation on the ground is far different. Queues of citizens are waiting to pick up their passports in the MRT building in the part where the Ministry of Interior issues personal documents. There is no security of space, and the public has recently witnessed that there was a lot of chaos when scheduling passports.