Amid job losses and economic decline, average salary grows to 28,721 denars

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The State Statistics Bureau (DZS) reported that in April the average salary rose to 28,721 denars, up 8.8 percent compared to April. The Zaev Government quickly jumped on the report, to insist that the average salary rose by 2,331 denars during the year.

The rise comes at a time of growing inflation, and tens of thousands of job losses due to the coronavirus pandemic, which are concentrated in low paying industries like hospitality and textile. This, Government critics say, is the reason why the average salary is going up while the economy is in decline and unemployment is growing.

According to the DZS report, wages grew in the hospitality industry by 7 percent, and by 5.5 percent in energy production. The best paid industries remain IT, financial services and energy production.